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Dr. Barry S. Weinberg is the author of A Clear Path to Healing and
To Face a Dragon. In 1994, Dr. Weinberg founded A Place for Healing in
Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he practiced Chiropractic and other holistic
healing practices for 12 years. 

Dr. Weinberg is a dedicated teacher, writer, musician, and public speaker.

He has a Bachelors degree in Nutrition, as well as a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

A Clear Path to Healing

Reclaiming the Inner Healing Power of Body and Mind to Reach Your Optimum Health Potential Paperback –
October 15, 2000

To Face a Dragon 

Each of us has a Dragon we must face...

Mass Market Paperback – January 2, 2004

Music by Dr. Barry S. Weinberg

Florida Crackers: The Cattleman and Cowboys of Florida

This really gives you a great understanding of the history and
life of the Florida Cracker. I never knew "cowboys" existed
anywhere outside of the "Old West" until seeing this

This picturesque view of the life of Florida
Cattlemen is facinating, and keeps you entertained from
beginning to end. If you love horses, you love history and
learning about people then this is definitely for you!


Samsarana is a musical journey created by Barry Weinberg
which spans from the moment of the Big Bang to the Spiritual
Awakening of Man.  Crossing the boundaries of Progressive
Rock, Folk, Blues, Heavy Metal, Jazz and Orchestral music,
Samsarana is a concept album written as a novel with each song
a chapter in the story.  This musical novel is about Polarity…

Life and Death, Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Disillusionment
and Enlightment.  It tells a powerful human story of life’s challenges,
redemption and self-actualization that all listeners will relate to
and be inspired by.  

Samsarana is a Sanskrit word that literally means „The Wandering“, referring to the endless cycles of Birth, Life, Death, Birth, Life, Death, ad infinitum – This Vicious Circle.

"From my first Network visit, I felt a new clarity in my life.
I find that Network care helps me to stay focused and healthy.
I recommend it to anyone seeking to simplify life's confusion."

- G.K., musician

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