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Dr. Barry Weinberg

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Welcome to A Place for Healing

Located in the East Fort Lauderdale area, we specialize in a gentle, yet profound Chiropractic method called NetworkSpinal Care.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the world's largest natural health-care system. Chiropractic
provides people with lifetime health and wellness through the correction of
nerve interference and release of  spinal tension resulting from past physical
and emotional trauma.

What is NetworkSpinal Care?

NetworkSpinal Care is a gentle, yet powerful approach to chiropractic that
uses gentle touch, breath, body posturing  and movement to cue the body,
spine and nervous system to release old stresses and traumas; heal wounds,
injury and illness; and to develop new strategies for self-awareness and self-healing. Helping everyone from newborns to the elderly, care is advanced through a series of Levels, each producing specific new abilities to adapt better to the environment, make healthier choices, enjoy life and develop a healthier spine, nervous system and body overall.


EPIENERGETICS – to learn more about NetworkSpinal Care

NetworkSpinal Care – How Does This Stuff Work Anyway?

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Benefits of NetworkSpinal Care 

• Less Physical Pain

• More Energy

• Fewer Colds and Flues

• Less Depression / Anxiety

• More Experience of Joy

• More Inner Peace

• Less Stress and Tension

• Reduced Blood Pressure

• Improved Breathing

• Improved ability to Concentrate

• Overall Improved Quality of Life

and much more!

Advanced Technology

Helps You Achieve Higher Levels of Health and Wellness

• Quick & Easy

• Non-Invasive

• Instant Results 

• Proven Accurate

The COREscore™ identifies problem areas and allows your Chiropractor to develop a personalized wellness solution just for you.
Call Our office today to schedule your health and wellness consultation and chiropractic spinal exam.
(Including CoreScore Technology)

Your Four Important Measurements of Health and Wellness

Heart Rate Variability

The Pulse Wave Profiler determines your overall ability to adapt to daily stress you encounter.

Muscle Tone Balance

The Surface Electromyography Scan evaluates the controls of the muscles that support and move your spine.

Organ and Gland Control

Neural Thermography Scan assesses the part of your nervous system that helps control your organs, glands, and blood vessels.

Spinal Motion

The Range of Motion Digital Inclinometer measures spinal movements and detects areas  of constriction.

"Network Chiropractic has been a major tool on my transformative path -
emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
I am more in tune with my inner self and have greater feelings
of aliveness and health."

- S.S., occupational therapist

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